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At PGT Custom Windows + Doors, every aspect of our work is created with relationships at heart—building products for the everyday and once in a lifetime. For homeowners, this means peace of mind, no matter the weather. For our customers, it means being personally invested in their success, with 99% on-time delivery and full service before, during and after the sale. And for employees, it means working with purpose, with opportunities in the workplace and beyond. All this forms an unstoppable combination that truly sets us apart.

Frequently asked questions

1How do I become a Dealer of FAP Windows and Doors?
Please contact April Barbarosh, General Manager at FAP Aluminum, Office: 954-773-2898. She can provide all necessary details. Our Dealerships are very valuable and will be awarded on a first come, case by case basis.
2Is Sales Tax included in price quotes?
No. Unless a Dealer is tax exempt and provides the certificate demonstrating that, all orders will have a standard 6% sales tax added at time of order.
3What products does FAP have available in the warehouse?
We have inventory consisting of standard commodity residential sizes, as well as 24' storefront stock lengths and standard size storefront doors. Exact inventory details provided upon request or call anytime to inquire about a specific item or pricing.
4Does hardware come included with doors?
For residential French doors and Sliding glass doors, standard hardware is provided. (Hardware has to be ordered for French Doors) Unless otherwise requested, all storefront doors come equipped with standard push/pull hardware and no closer. For storefront doors, concealed closers can be provided upon request on stand alone doors only. For all doors that are part of a storefront system and require surface mount closers, FAP will not provide surface closers unless specifically requested by Dealer. Panic hardware and electric hinges (to create automatic doors) with power supply are also available upon request.
5Does FAP provide glass for storefront?
No. We offer stock lengths of ES8000 and ES9500 systems for the framing. It is your responsibility to acquire necessary glass when purchasing our stock lengths. Additionally we do offer a fully factory glazed storefront system that is special order and available on your pricing disk.


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